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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 15, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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2 1/2 weeks. yesterday i went to up ohio, i went up to youngstown, we had an incredible town and amazing people in this country. we have so many great people. we will some day in the not too distant future, but apple and all of these great companies will be making their product in the united states, not in china, vietnam. and we're not going be losing our companies. our companies are leaving our country rapidly. whether it's air conditioning, whether it's ford. i was in cleveland and they're leaving. frankly i'm disgusted with it and i'm tired of seeing it and there's no reason for it. it's gross incompetence.
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there's so many more, you have corporate inversions, people can't get their money back into the country because the politicians can't get along, they can't make a deal. everybody agrees democrat and republican, everybody agrees the money should come back. there's 2 $2.5 trillion outsidef this company and everybody agrees the money should be here and the politicians haven't been able to make a deal. we could make a deal. there's an example of something that you do if i sat down with a few of the senators, a few of the congressmen, you could make a deal in ten minutes because everybody wants to do it and companies are leaving our country to get their money, not only because our taxes are too high, which we're going to lower, but companies are leaving our country to get their money
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because there's no way of bringing it in. so we've got a long way to go, but i think at some point it's going to get done. we started -- i was one of 17 people, senators, governors, i've had such great support. dr. ben carson the other day endorsed us and great guy. great guy. wonderful man. chris christie endorsed us. that was so incredible. and today palm bondy came up and endorsed us. she is a truly wonderful woman. so many -- we've had such incredible support, paul ryan called me the other day, tremendous call. i spoke with mitch mcconnell today. we had a great conversation. we have to bring our partying
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to. we have to bring it together. we have -- we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere in the world. everybody's writing about it all over europe, all over the world they're talking about it. millions of people are coming in to vote. this was an example of it today. many more people, i'm looking at the different polling booths around the country and the lines are four, five, six blocks long and one woman was in there for 40 years she's been working the polls and she said we'd have two people here, three people, now look at the line and the line was really long. five deep and long. it's just a different thing. we have a great opportunity and the people that are voting are democrats coming in, independents are coming in and very importantly people that never voted before.
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it's an incredible thing. i want to pay my respects to todd palin, sarah's husband. she was making a speech on my behalf. what happened was he was in a bad accident. he's tough as nails, he's going to be fine, but i want to pay my respects to them. so our theme, when we started, and we came down -- sit down everybody. please. i mean this is great. we give you seats. you don't have to stand. i'm looking at all these people. [cheers and applause] >> corey, good job.
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so when this began we -- i said got to do it and my wife was so supportive and it's been amazing. we have to do it. we came down the escalator and it was about trade and boarders and pretty quickly after that and -- we shot right up to the top of the polls and have been leading in the polls almost from the beginning without fail. we went up in june. most people said i'll never run, he's just having a good time, this necessarily -- i am having a good time, but i'm working very hard and there is great anger, believe me there is great anger. [cheers and applause] one of the broadcasters was saying is there anger. i said to him -- i was supposed to say no there's no, we love the way things are working. we love the deal you made with
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iran. we love all the deals. the trade deals are wonderful. you lose $500 billion a year with china. it's a total imbalance. we don't make good deals anymore. as a country we don't win anymore. and they asked is there anger from your people. i said there is anger. they're not angry people, but they want to see the country properly run. they want to see boarders. they want to see good health care. they want to see things taken of. they want our military rebuilt. our military is in a very bad state. they want it rebuilt. [cheers and applause] >> very importantly and they want the second amendment by the way protected and protected strongly and that's going to happen. [cheers and applause] >> you know what they want so badly, they want our veterans taken care of. our veterans are treated so badly. [cheers and applause]
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>> so we started and something happened called paris. paris happened and paris was a disaster. there have been many disasters, but it was paris and we had a case in los angeles in the 14 young people were killed and it just goes on and on. and what happened with me is this whole run took on a whole new meaning, not just boarders, not just good trade deals, we're going to make the best trade deals you've ever seen. these people are going to be negotiating our deals and they're the best in the world. we have the best business people in the world. we're going to do so good with trade and the boarder. but it took on a whole new meaning and the meaning was very simple. we need protection in our country and that's going to happen. all of a sudden the poll numbers
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shot up and i'm proud to be a part of this. i think we're going to go and do a lot of trips over the next month, but i think we're going to have a great victory and i think we are going to start winning again. this country is going to start winning again. we don't win anymore. we don't win with military. we can't beat isis. we're going to knock the hell out of them. we will win -- we don't win at trade. china, japan, mexico, vietnam, india, name the country, anybody we do business with beats us. we don't win at trade. we're going to win at trade. we're going to make our country rich again and make our country great again and we need the rich in order to make the great, i'm sorry to tell you.
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so i'm going forward. we had a fantastic evening. i would have never thought this could have happened. i guess we're waiting for one result which possibly will be very successful also, but to win the states that we won and to win by the margins -- this is my second home, florida, to win by that kind of a number is incredible. and i have to -- and i have to say that number one i want to congratulate marco rubio on having run a really tough campaign. he's tough, he's smart and he's got a great future. he's got a great future, but i have to say and nobody has ever, ever in the history of politics received the kind of negative advertising that i have.
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record, record, record. by the way, mostly false, i wouldn't say 100%, but about 90%. mostly false, vicious, horrible. they say it was 18 million the first week, meaning last week, and 25 million. it added up to over $40 million. and you explain it to me because i can't. my numbers went up. i don't understand it. nobody understands it. [cheers and applause] >> my numbers went up. it's been an interesting experience. last week adam scott won the big tournament in golf and adam is a great guy. i'm watching and we have television screens all over and everything is working beautifully and then a commercial comes on. the worst commercial. i'm with these wonderful with
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people and top executives and i'm saying look over there, you don't want to watch it. isn't the grass beautiful? look, look. don't watch. and they came in waves one after another after another. and then adam comes and one of the greatest golfers in the world made an unbelievable shot to win the tournament and we're giving the award and just before we break for a commercial, we'll be right back with our great champion from australia and here's the commercial and i said no and it was, two of them. two of them. what a day that was. what a disaster. what a disaster.
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so again i just want to congratulate everybody. this is a really interesting process. it's an amazing process. it's very tough, but it is a -- if you get to the end you can handle a lot of things, including pressure. there's nothing like it. lies, deceit, viciousness, disgusting reporters, horrible people. some are nice. some are nice. some really disgusting people back there. and i just want to say we're going to go forward and we're going to win, but more importantly we're going to win for the country. we're going to win, win, win and we're not stopping. we're going to have great victories for our country. thank you very much everybody. thank you. thank you. brevity by modern trump standards. donald trump, wrapping up.
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look at his night. thus far florida, illinois, north carolina and it's all about that delegate total in the lower left-hand side of the kre scre screen. >> and he pointed out the islands that he got today. this was the fourth time that he's had a night of victories where donald trump has followed with a press conference style event. this is the first one that he didn't take questions from the press. >> all was missing was the conference part. >> there were a lot of people in that ball room. >> we have mike murphy with us to join us from los angeles. i can't see you. you are there? there you are. >> i am here. >> mike most recently was in the news because he ran -- the super
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pac -- >> jeb bush. >> but it had nothing to do with the jeb bush campaign which all politicians insist we say. i've so often wondered what it's like to be you, to watch -- just take the event we just witnessed. you were on the receiving end of this slow rolling summer thunderstorm that became tonight's dom nation. >> i don't believe he'll ever be elected president of the united states which is a tragedy thing because we could use a conservative optimistic president. i believe it is not certain he'll have enough delegates to into the convention with the majority and if he doesn't on the floor of the convention i think he would be vulnerable.
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i think his defeat in ohio today slows him down in the race. he still has the advantage. he's still in front. cruz has racked up some delegates. kasich won in ohio. >> is cruz or kasich electable? >> i think kasich is electable in the general election, but his path is harder. if you go to an open convention after the first ballot, particularly after the second when the delegates can vote who want to, not all are bound, very few are, historically that's a grass root crowd that will resonate to cruz. i think kasich will have problems. the second front in the war opening which is the struggle at the -- in the machinery of the party when the actual delegate bodies are picked by many states
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which happens in april and may and early june depict people who are not necessariily going to b trump friendly. so there's like a two front battle going on, the battle to win primaries so the delegates on the first ballot have to follow that outcome and the battle for delegates later. he still has a shot at it, but it got harder for him tonight. >> let me ask you to call some in, you were accused of the jeb bush campaign. as you look back on what just happened in the republican party, what did you miss and when did you miss it? >> i make no apologies. i'm proud i ran for jeb bush.
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he's a good that could do the job and he didn't vilfy people. it wasn't like we were going to take a poll and say 80% of the country is angry so let's attack some mexicans. it's a badge of honor to us we ran the kind of campaign we did. it didn't work but when i sleep at night i would rather be on the right side of the argument and lose at the presidential level than do anything to win. if we had a time machine and went back, i think we would go back more than one year and try to teach the grassroots of our party than just oppose. we fed this fire for a long time. i don't think the democrats get credit for the warfare they lead their party. but in our republican world we've got a large amount of the party voting for grievance candidates and jeb was not a grievance candidate.
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>> separate from backing jeb it didn't occur to a whole lot of people to attack trump in ways that we're seeing now, the ad featuring women reading his quotes about women has really only been up for a short time. >> jeb took on trump in every single debate while other people must have been checking their notes because there was a lot of silence for the most part and our super pac spent more attacking trump than anybody else. trump voters don't move to so-called establishment/civil candidates. they tend to move between cruz and trump, a few would fall off into others. although there were great cries early on from other campaigns why don't you guys attack trump, we'd attack trump and we did. trump has a strength and weakness. he has a ceiling around 40%, but that's enough to amass a
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growing, but not controlling delegate lead. what will be interesting is we're down to three and will cruz be able to beat him somewhere, especially in a winner take all primary like arizona. you will see more ads because there are fewer choices and maybe they'll have an affect. i hope the anti-trump folks continue to engage him. >> from los angeles tonight gop strategyist mike murphy. i was saying good night. >> so you finally say a nice thing and then he can't get it. go to a quick break. our coverage continues right after this. man 1: i came as fast as i could. what's up?
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man 2: this isn't public yet. man 1: what isn't? man 2: we've been attacked. man 1: the network? man 2: shhhh. man 1: when did this happen? man 2: over the last six months. man 1: how did we miss it? man 2: we caught it, just not in time. man 1: who? how? man 2: not sure, probably off-shore, foreign, pros. man 1: what did they get? man 2: what didn't they get. man 1: i need to call mike... man 2: don't use your phone. it's not just security, it's defense. bae systems.
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we finished talking to mike murphy. here is the night donald trump is having. florida, north carolina, illinois and the delegates. in the grand ball room tonight, katie so not that much of a press conference as it was a very classic victory speech. what were the atmospherics that perhaps we couldn't see on television? >> reporter: well, as you could see a little bit on tv, it's a great room. 16 rows of trump supporters. they are people that have been members of this club for quite a while. the initiation fee is anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000.
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i've never been in a room with this many diamonds in my entire life. when you look at the greater picture of this and you think about how he's appealing across wide swaths across this country, voters who are not billionaires, voters who are struggling paycheck to paycheck, voters who haven't gotten a pay raise for years, they say they still like donald trump. i asked one of his long-time friends here and lives with him in trump tower on 5th avenue he says because deep down those voters know that he's just like them. those voters would be acting like donald trump if they had billionaires of dollars and that's what we're hearing from a lot of the voters outside in the field, on the campaign trail that we speak to on a daily basis. as for this speech it was supposed to be a press conference. instead it was a victory speech. a couple of fact checks on it, he talked about bringing apple back to this country if he was
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president, other companies who are shipping jobs overseas, he has not talked about how he would offset the cost of having that labor here in the united states. a reporter tried to ask him about that and he told the reporter that nobody was listening to him. he talked about bringing the party together, mentioned a phone call with mitch mcconnell, but failed to mention how he condemned violence. he spoke a little bit about karl icon saying he's a person that's going to be making deals for this country, but karl supports donald trump, but he has repeated he will not part of donald trump's cabinet. he said 10% of the ad taken out of him are false, but a good portion are using his own words. so a victory party for donald trump. he's won the majority of states
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tonight and the majority of delegates. back to you. >> it is a -- just hearing her report and watching the scenes still unfolding behind her, it's amazing. it is a stunning room. donald trump a big night. there are two states that not been called on the democratic side, missouri and illinois. illinois is the much bigger prize, but neither race has been called. steve, what have we got? >> let's look at the democratic side in illinois. this is a state sanders is hoping to take. you're seeing over 50,000 votes. that's the lead for hillary clinton. in chicago around chicago the collar counties, you add them together, 75% of the vote is coming from there. they split cook county into two sections. hillary clinton is leading --
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that's chicago itself. she's leading by about 48,000 in the cook county suburbs. he her lead is 48,000. we're not seeing a difference between chicago itself and the immediate suburbs. if that pattern holds that's going to add about 20,000 votes just from the rest of cook county to that statewide lead that we saw. the other thing that is potentially good for her is the collar counties as they start to come in, you would need if you're bernie sanders to be eating into that lead here. there's still a lot of vote to come in. but early on dead even here in lake county. this is a positive one for bernie sanders, but you see only making up about 4,000 votes. it's going to be an awful lot he's going to have to make up in the rest of the state if he's going to catch her. east st. louis, that's not in either. that could potentially be good
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for her and bernie sanders maybe his best individual county is where the university of illinois is, champagne, more than half of that is now in. so he's getting about a 4,000 vote advantage there. it's a lot for him to make up. >> all right. steve at the big board. watching and listening with us tonight andrea mitchell is down in florida. the television attention span is a lot like a prison yard spotlight, most of the time it's moving around. when it's on you it's blistering and for every trump speech we televise and kasich speech it gets us off the democratic story line that hillary clinton has had a spectacular night so far. illinois yet to be decided. >> reporter: in fact the clinton campaign feels they did so well tonight. ohio was a big surprise to them. illinois is still to be decided.
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they think they have a shot there. they're not very hopeful about missouri, but they think they have racked up so many delegates, 300 plus by the time they count it up with, after tonight's results that it will be very difficult for bernie sanders to overtake her. that said, when asked whether he should now get out, whether she will be calling on him she said no, not at all. he has every right to continue. hillary clinton continued to the end until june when she was running against barack obama in '08. this is a better lead than obama had over clinton in '08. this is a victory statement. she said she thinks what they did in ohio was important because they started focusing on small business, manufacturing, job creation, changing their
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strategy after their terrible defeat in michigan a week ago and now going forward they're going to pivot towards the general election. we heard that tonight. in this speech tonight hillary clinton went after donald trump saying that america needs a commander in chief to defend the country, not to embarrass the country. she went after him on the muslim ban and his comments on torture. she's making it a foreign policy and economics and jobs argument and they think they're going to be running against donald trump. according to the exit polls the democrats voting in all these states believe by more than 2-1 she would be a tougher candidate against trump than bernie sanders. so a tough night for sanders. he's had a couple of good states up ahead, washington and arizona, hawaii perhaps certainly wisconsin and he wants to compete in new york. so he's staying in as far as bit
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of reporting we have and our colleague has, but this is a very good night. a spectacular night for team clinton. >> andrea mitchell in a ball room that is a testament to how good an industry it is to be a stager these days during a campaign. that was the teeming ball room that hillary clinton spoke in not so long ago tonight and it's now unbelievable. thank you. >> reporter: i'm home alone. >> let's go -- here we are in a campaign that's lighter by one. rubio is out and now there are three. >> reporter: you nailed it. that's exactly what the kasich aid texted me a minute ago. there's a reason we haven't talked about him much tonight and that's because the big story
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lines have not been about ted cruz. that's okay with the cruz campaign for them it's not necessarily about winning states at all, it's about the delegate math and keeping it close. we talked about the campaign hoping to keep it around 250 delegates. they believe they can still even now even with kasich winning ohio and still in this race keep it a two-man race. that said all signs at least at this point point to a contested convention. a republican strategist said to me the power brokers in d.c. are beginning to lay out the strategy for this. people are looking at what it's going to mean to have a contested convention and the key thing will be to lock down the delegates. the cruz campaign says it held three meetings all about keeping those unbound delegates, making sure they can lock in folks that they will support ted cruz. they're planning for this. they know if they do go to
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convention they need to pull in delegates from the other candidates as well, particularly marco rubio's now that he had 61 delegates up for play. you're going to see campaigns going after those folks. it is the fascinating game theory of how this is going to play out. bottom line tonight propelled that forward. we're waking up tomorrow to what looks like a very different race. >> all right. thanks. let's go back to chris matthews who is in cleveland, ohio tonight. chris. >> you know i think the best night of the night was yours referring to the side mirror effect which is the perception you get looking auout of your c window that a car is closer than it is. is that the case for trump that it's closer for him than it is reality for him to win this nomination. >> i think the establishment was
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finished off. there's no establishment candidate that can possibly win the nomination. john kasich would have to win more delegates than there are available. marco rubio dropped out tonight. if john kasich stays in the race, there are ten winner take all states left with 561 delegates at stake. if john kasich stays in the race he may as well tribute all the money he spends to donald trump because he will make it so that cruz cannot compete with him in those winner take all states. that would secure the nomination. or i don't know if it will secure the nomination, but it looks like we're doing -- >> in a three-way race trump wins enough to win. >> ten states. arizona coming up, but there are nine others behind arizona. pennsylvania is another winner take all state. if kasich is in pennsylvania he will secure that vote for donald trump. >> so the victory in ohio
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tonight helps trump's chances of getting it all. >> because kasich cannot win. he mathematically cannot win. there's no reason for him to be in the race anymore. he has to get out of the race so it's a one-on-one race or else he's helping donald trump. >> where can cruz win winner take all? >> i think he can win because neither one of those candidates -- when you look at states like california even in the northeast, they're deciding between donald trump and somebody else and i don't think they pick donald trump. he's not won more than 50% in any race except the islands. >> this is what i've been thinking about all night which is if john kasich does well tonight, which he's won his home state, he basically creates a better situation for trump, these winner take all states and he goes all the way to
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cleveland. >> thank you. thanks to your guest as well. i think we'll take another break and we'll come back. we'll hit the leader boards. we'll look at what separates them, the states we have yet to call. the prognosis. chuck todd is among our guests. we'll have it all when we come right back.
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right behind us is the big board. th these are the races we are waiting for. gop missouri primary too close to call. look at the difference between trump and ted cruz. 71% of the vote in. democratic primary in missouri, too close to call. the two separated by 9,000 votes, approaching half with sanders in the lead. illinois democrats, too close to call. 68% of the vote in, a difference of 52,000. that's an eyelash in illinois. >> those are all very, very close. that missouri democratic race we just shifted that characterization to too early to too close to call. those two democratic races in missouri and illinois and that one republican race in missouri. chuck todd, looking at those margins, to us those look like small margins in states with big votes.
7:41 pm
those look close. what are you going be watching for. >> in missouri those are close margins period. for illinois, 51,000, that's a lot. that's a lot for bernie sanders to make up considering what is out and what isn't out on that front. not to say that he can't make that up, but on the democratic side it doesn't matter. we know how the delegates are going to break. they're essentially going to split even which is why at this point it's -- it is a moral victory if it's for bernie sanders. >> the win is bragging rights. >> it's not that big. >> on the republican side, those numbers come in later as we if fill it, how donald trump or cruz wins this, you get more delegates in a winner take all situation in a congressional district. it's possible you could win the statewide total and the second place person if it's this close
7:42 pm
depending on how their share of congressional districts went you could have a situation where the second place winner could get more delegates out of this. in a race this close, that actually is possible. trump -- his vote is usually fairly disbursed around. cruz usually racks it up in specific parts of the state. cruz could have an uneven tally that could cost some delegates. cruz desperately needs a win tonight for moral purposes too. without a win, being able to deny donald, i think helps cruz next win. >> it becomes much harder for cruz to make the argument he's making which is i'm the only one who can stop donald trump if we just had five contests and guess what i didn't win any of them.
7:43 pm
>> or i'm the only one that can stop trump in closed republican primaries. i'm the only one that can beat donald trump when the electorate is as small as it can be. >> why does that predict why you're going to deny him the nomination. >> the argument that he's making that he's the only candidate that could stop donald trump, that would mean beating donald trump, but in this case it's not beating donald trump, it's d denying donald trump enough delegates to go to a second or third ballot where he will get the nomination over the person who has won the most votes. if you talk to people in washington, d.c. tonight, that is precisely what the plan is. donald trump will not be able to get the requisite number of delegates and the nomination will be denied him in an open convention which we haven't seen
7:44 pm
for a very long time shall. >> do you believe that? if you had a pile of money to bet either way -- >> i think donald trump right now, he has a difficult task. it's not impossible for donald trump to hit 1237 and get the delegates he needs, but it's even money that this goes into the convention where he's under that number, we have the first ballot, we go into a second and third ballot so this game begins to play out. what's interesting is donald trump, the ultimate insurgent outsider candidate has to master the inside game. the rules of a republican national convention where the democratic national convention, these rules, the ability of the delegates at a state level as we go through these state convention processes to muck around with this is extraordinary.
7:45 pm
so the campaigns now will be arming up for this inside game while this outside game that we're covering plays out, but it's the inside game that may well be determinative of before this is over. >> the impact of that on the party and the prospects would be devastating. you pointed out earlier that the parties are not necessarily small democratic institutions, but voters are under a different impression. they think they're voting their choosing the nominee and if the party says well you weren't -- >> you were electing delegates. >> you have spoken, we didn't listen. >> the wisdom will be that it will shatter the republican party. we shouldn't under estimate the capacity of hillary clinton to be a unifying force. >> let's listen to ted cruz. >> we continue our march to
7:46 pm
1237. after tonight america now has a clear choice going forward. let me say a word about marco rubio. marco is a friend. he's a colleague. he ran a strong optimistic, positive campaign. his story, the son of a bartender, the son of a maid who fled cuba seeking freedom, is powerful. it's inspirational. marco's story, his passion inspires me. marco can paint a picture, can weave a tapestry of a promise of america like nobody else. his presidential campaign inspired millions across the nation. i congratulate marco on the tremendous campaign they ran
7:47 pm
together. to those who supported marco, who worked so hard, we welcome you with open arms. [cheers and applause] . with gratitude and with hope and with a positive vision together for our great nation. we welcome you to join us along with remarkable leaders like kaerl fiorina and all the republicans who are uniting behind our campaign from mike lee to national review. starting tomorrow morning every republican has a clear choice. only two campaigns have a
7:48 pm
plausible path to the nomination, ours and donald trump's. nobody else has any math mattic cal possibility whatsoever. only one campaign has beaten donald trump over and over and over again. not once, not twice, not three times, but nine times all across the country from alaska to main. and going forward the choose is straightforward. do you want a candidate who shares your values or a candidate who has spent decades opposing your values. the mainstream media, the network suits who makes the
7:49 pm
decisions want donald trump as the nominee. that's why they've given him hundreds of millions in free advertising because they have partisan democrats ready for hillary and they know that donald may be the one person on the face of the earth that hillary clinton can beat in the general election. but the media aren't going to decide this election. the voters will. [cheers and applause] >> and here's our vision for america, it's an america with a brighter future, an america for greater opportunity and america for more liberty and more safety and more security, it is america that is greater tomorrow than it is today and than it was yesterday. this election will focus on
7:50 pm
three krcritical issues, jobs, freedom and security. as president my number one priority will be jobs. turning around the stag nation the misery of the obama/clinton economy. it's easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. but the critical question is whether you understand the principals and values that made america great in the first place. the heart of our economy isn't in washington, d.c. the heart of our economy is small businesses all across the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> if i'm elected president, we will repeal every word of
7:51 pm
obamacare. [cheers and applause] >> we will pass a simple flat tax and abolish the irs. [cheers and applause] >> we will reign in the epa and the government regulators that are killing small businesses. [cheers and applause] >> and we'll stop amnesty, secure the boarders and end welfare benefits for those here illegally. [cheers and applause] >> and the result will be millions upon million addres of paying jobs and wages rising for people across america, will be young people coming out of school with two, three, four, five job opportunities.
7:52 pm
[cheers and applause] >> far too many politicians focus on washington, d.c. to the lobbyists so those like donald trump who buy influence and to those like hillary clinton who sell influence. washington is the center of the universe. but we understand that isn't right. together we will make washington less relevant in all of our lives. [cheers and applause] we'll fire government regulators and repeal job killing regulations. and together we will take the boot of the federal government off the backs of the necks of small businesses all across this
7:53 pm
country. [cheers and applause] >> it's not about the bailouts that far too many republicans and democrats have done over and over again to benefit the rich and powerful, instead less government is more freedom. [cheers and applause] >> higher wages and a better standard of life for all of us. the second critical issue in this election is freedom. two debates ago donald trump promised all of us that he would compromise with harry reid on replacing justice scalia to the united states supreme court. our rights hang in the balance and let me be very clear to the
7:54 pm
people of america, i will not compromise away your religious liberty. [cheers and applause] >> and i will not compromise away your second amendment right to keep and bear arms. [cheers and applause] >> and every justice i appoint to the court will be faithful to the law and will protect the bill of rights for your children and for mine. [cheers and applause] >> the third critical issue in this election is security. for seven years we've abandoned our friends and allies and we've shown weakness to our enemies. two debates donald trump promised as president to be
7:55 pm
neutral between israel rand the palestinians. let me be clear, as president i will not be neutral. among will stand unapologizicly with the nation of israel. anyone who cannot tell the difference between our friends and our enemies, who cannot tell the difference between israel and islam terrorists, that raises questions about their fitness and judgment to be commander in chief. [cheers and applause] >> donald trump says he will keep in place this iranian nuclear deal and try to renegotiate it. i will rip to shreds this iranian nuclear deal on the very first day in office.
7:56 pm
over seven years president obama has weakened and under mined the military. we've seen this before with another weak democrat president, jimmy carter who did the same thing, and in january 1981 ronald reagan came into office. [cheers and applause] >> what did reagan do, he cut taxes, he lefted regulations, he pulled government off the backs of the necks of small businesses. we saw millions of high paying jobs and it created trillions of government revenue and he used that money to rebuild the military to bankrupt the soviet union and end the cold war. we are going to repeal
7:57 pm
obamacare, pass a flat tax and stop amnesty and we will see trillions of government revenue and we will use that revenue to rebuild this military so it remains the mightiest fighting force on the face of the planet. [cheers and applause] >> tomorrow we have a choice, a clear and simple choice, enough with the washington corruption. enough with the deception, with using government to benefit the rich and powerful at the expense of hard working taxpayers. together we can turn things around. if we stand together, if we remember the common sense free market principals that builds america, the constitutional liberties that built america, once again standing together, we can have morning in america.
7:58 pm
[cheers and applause] >> now is the time for republicans to unite for all of us who want a brighter future for our nation to come together and stand as one. starting tomorrow morning there is a clear and direct choice and for everyone who wants to see a brighter tomorrow, we welcome you to our teams, we welcome you with open and welcoming arms. thank you and god bless you. [cheers and applaus [cheers and applause] he's back home in houston, texas. a hug for his wife. after watching ted cruz, let's look at the board in missouri on the republican side.
7:59 pm
donald trump, ted cruz, 99% of the recorded vote in. separated by 2,300, that appears to be too close to call. >> that's something when it's too close to call. >> it's much more than too close to call. chuck was setting this up earlier. the spuns in missouri is playing out. there's the question of who is going to win the statewide vote. you see donald trump has pulled ahead. if you win the statewide vote in missouri, that gets you 12 delegates. here is where the action is. you have to look at the congressional districts. i can tell you when you look right now at this map, there is one congressional district out of the eight in missouri at this moment that ted cruz is winning. it's right down here. this is the heart of religious skepticismism in missouri. ted cruz is winging here by more than 20,000 votes and basically what's happened is in all seven
8:00 pm
other congressional districts around the state donald trump has chipped away at that margin and what just happened was the reason he just jumped into the lead is st. louis countyaway at. and what just happened was, the reason he just jumped into the lead is st. louis county, right outside of st. louis, just started to come in, basically did come in and donald trump is winning it by about 2,000 votes. that just jumped him ahead of ted cruz. now, the margins in some of these districts are very thin. not every vote is in yet. none of this is official. but right now, if this held, if donald trump wins by the margin you're looking at right now, he is going to win seven of eight congressional districts. that's 35. ted cruz will win one, that's good for five. you get five delegates for every congressional district.


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